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How to manage pain in the coccyx due to an injury?

Q: I am 26 years old. Last year, I was hit by a helmet lock, fixed on the rear end of the bike, due to a bump. I had pain for two days & I was normal. But their was little pain when i drove for a long duration. I consulted a doctor last weak. She suggested some exercises, but things got worse & now its paining too much. X-ray report shows that the coccyx has an acute inclination, plus my 5th vertebrae has not properly aligned. Doctor has suggested me not to drive the two wheeler & use a cushion seat. Please advise.

A:Pain in the tip of the coccyx is quite common and is often unrelated to any injury. However, bumps like the one you have described may cause beginning of the pain. Exercises do not help. This condition is often self limiting but at times it may persist for several months. Only thing which helps is the avoidance of any pressure coming on the tail bone. It will be possible only if you sit on a cushion with a cut out at the coccyx level. Easier would be to sit between two cushions so that there is no weight on the coccyx.


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