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How to manage irritable bowel syndrome?

Q: I have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for the past 3 years. The symptoms are: I have to go to pass stool 4 to 5 times a day. The stool is normal in colour and soid, but when become tense stool becomes liquidand seisolid. Ihave been diagnosed by AIIMS medicine faculty. They have tested thyroid and my stool and reported that, both are normal. They have prescribed some antibiotic( forgot the name) for 5 days, because they that, I might have some infection. But, finally suggested fibradiet for a month. The medication helped abit , but cure is far away fromit. It help me to withstand the duration of motion time for 1 to 2 hrs, but ihad to pass. these happened as before one and half year. I gave up my reatment endeavour due to my academic work for some time. In 2001 sep, again I have undergone some treatment. my healthcenter physician tried colopox for 1 month,but there was no improvement. Currently, Iam taking ( since aug2002To tilldate) pantocid20m 1 tab after dinnera nd normaxin thrice aday, but finding no improvement. Every day I have to pass mtion 3to 4 times a day and sometimes five times. I pass stool before beakfast and after fast( Ihave to) and afterdinner(twice).I am taking some psychiatric drugs for my anxiety problem, The drug is Zetalo 20mg, (1+1 ) Every day. But it has nothing todo with my psyche, because, even if i sit and watch tv for 10hrs , Ihave to pass motion the same times. but my psychiatrist attribute this is due to my anxiety. For the past 4 months , i am not tense and i am relaxed but the the problem persist. Please help me to overcome form this problem.

A:The irritable bowel syndrome can often be quite difficult to treat. Your doctors have already excluded any infection and have also given youantibiotics . I note that you are currently on a medication to reduce the acidin your stomach,one to increase the fibre in your diet and one for anxiety. These are all fine to take but if you have no indigestion you couldstop the one for the acid. As you appear to have had all the rightinvestigations/treatment - you must understand that you have not got adisease but it is just how your bowels react to your lifestyle. If your stools are loose you could try taking 1-2 loperamide capsules - for when you have to go out or have an important engagement - this will stop you going to the toilet. The important thing is not to worry and get on withother things in life! In general the majority of patients feel better in time.


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