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How to manage IgA nephropathy with diet and exercise?

Q: I am 23 years old. I am suffering with IgA nephropathy and am under medication. Doctor said that I am not in a severe stage. How can I manage myself by diet and exercises? I heard that such patients should not do all exercises. What kind of exercise will help me?

A:I am sure your doctor must have emphasized the great importance of blood pressure control to less than 130/80 mm Hg for which you are already on the required medicines. Yoga, walking, especially brisk walking, are in general, good for physical and mental well being of a person but I do not think it will have any specific beneficial effect on IgA nephropathy or for that matter any other kidney disease. These should be of great benefit for improvement of general health, both mental & physical and help you better to cope & fight the disease. You require to take 45-50 gm of protein of which 50% need to be high biological proteins (milk & milk products & egg white or meat product) & 2000 calories diet. Of all the factors, the most important factor is control of blood pressure, which should be monitored regularly & target level achieved all the time. Your doctor would decide whether you require any specific treatment for IgA nephropathy.


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