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How to manage hydrocele?

Q: I am having a hydrocoele for the last 6 years. I consulted a doctor after 3 years. He said it is hydrocoele and can be cured by a simple surgery. I didn't take treatment but have decided to undergo the surgery after 2 months. Now my question is that since the size of the scrotum has been the same for this whole period, I have a doubt if it is hydrocoele or can it be related to testicle cancer? Can it affect my sexual life? I don't feel any pain in the testicle. When I was a baby, I suffered from hydrocoele (my parents are not sure but say that the scrotum size was above normal) and cured it by homeopathic treatment. Please clear my doubts.

A:All hydrocoeles do not continuously increase in size. If a doctor has examined you and said it is a hydrocoele which can be cured, I think the diagnosis should be correct. If you still have fears of a testicular cancer which is unlikely, you can ask to have an ultrasound examination of the scrotum which would clear your doubts. Hydrocoele surgery will not affect your sexual life but an untreated hydrocoele might.


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