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How to manage high cholesterol with mitral valve prolapse?

Q: I am a 36 year old male and was diagnosed as having Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) with trivial regurgitation in July 2003. My BP level is in the range of (140/80 - 150/80). I am taking Atenolol 25 in the morning and 1 at night and now my BP is hovering around (135-150)/80 range. My cholesterol level is also on the higher side (235mg/dl). I am also taking Atorvastatin for this. When I take Atorvastatin, my cholesterol level is under control but when I reduce Atorvastatin dosage the cholesterol level goes up to 235-240mg/dl. Basically, I am a person with good habits and I dont drink or smoke. I am also under diet control and avoid fried foods, ghee, spices or too much of oil. I do a brisk walk for one hour daily in the morning. Could you please suggest some way by which I can keep my cholestrol under control without medication. Also, what kind of exercises should I avoid as I am having MVP?

A:MVP with trivial MR is a very benign thing and does not need any specific attention. You however need to keep your BP close to 120/80 mms Hg and cholesterol less than 150 mgs. Atorvastatin is a very effective and safe medication to keep cholesterol levels very low. It is a long term treatment and very beneficial to prevent cardiac and vascular problems away. Regular exercise of any kind is safe and should be a routine for you. It will not affect your MVP.


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