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How to manage high BP after bypass surgery?

Q: After two years of bypass surgery, my husband checked the BP and it is 140/90. Does this mean that there is another artery blockage? Please explain what level of BP indicates that there is an artery blockage.

A:A BP of 140/90 mm Hg, if it is consistently the same, means some degree of high blood pressure according to the current guidelines. This does not mean blockage of coronary arteries. High BP along with other factors like diabetes, tobacco use, even modest elevation of blood cholesterol levels, obesity, etc increase the risk of heart disease and strokes etc. It is therefore important to keep all these risk factors under control so as to minimise chances of getting into vascular events. I hope your husband is on aspirin, statins, ACE inhibitors and beta blockers. Please check with his doctor. These medicines are very important for all patients who have had a bypass surgery in the past.


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