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How to manage hearing loss and tinnitus?

Q: I am a female aged 32y. I suffered from hearing loss in my right ear at the age of 21-22 when I had mumps. Now I suffer from tinnitus in right ear, though it is not so acute. I am managing with my left ear only. I got my treatment done at All India Institute of Medical Science ten years back and the doctor over there advised me not to take any medicine as there was no treatment available for this and also said no amount of vitamins will cure the problem. With the advancement of medical science, I would like to know whether there is any chance of recovery in my right ear. I have read articles regarding tinnitus at some web sites where they claim that it can be cured. But I am confused whether these articles refer to reduction in sound only or will it help in treating the hearing loss also. Hope you will answer my query.

A:I am afraid there is not much of treatment that is available for such kind of hearing loss. Once the nerve of hearing is lost, it is not possible for it to come back. Tinnitus can be controlled not cured in such situations. You may not benefit from an ordinary hearing aid but a hearing aid which is digitally programmed can be tested for your right ear for tinnitus control and hearing. Try to take care of your left ear.


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