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How to manage hair loss?

Q: I have hair loss problem for quite sometime, the reason of which I'm not sure of. I also understand that my hair isn't strong enough in the front and hence I fear that there is a possibility of getting bald. I have been using coconut oil only .. Is there a way out wherein I can make it stronger? Would tablets help it? Please suggest as your reply is keenly awaited. Thanks & regards, Bala

A:Hair has been called our crowning glory. Society has placed a great deal of social and cultural importance on hair and hairstyles. Unfortunately, many conditions, diseases, and improper hair care result in excessive hair loss. People who notice their hair shedding in large amounts after combing or brushing, or whose hair becomes thinner or fall out, should consult a dermatologist. With correct diagnosis, many people with hair loss can be helped. Hair fall is governed by genetic factors apart from environmental ones. If the cause is genetic, then nothing much can be done about it. As far as the environmental factors are concerned, diet plays a very important part. You should see to it that you take a diet rich in Vitamin B-complex and proteins. Too much of stress and pollution may also be a cause of your problem. You should see to it that your scalp is not kept dirty for long. Use a mild shampoo for your hair. Local application of medication like minoxodil (2%), once or twice a day may be helpful in treating baldness. But drugs for hair fall should only be taken after consultation with the doctor, since they might not be suitable under certain conditions and some of them may also have serious side effects. Dermatologists, physicians who specialize in treating diseases of the hair and skin, will evaluate a patients hair problem by asking questions about diet, medications including vitamins and health food taken in the last six months, family history of hair loss, recent illness and hair care habits. Excess hair loss can have many different causes. Hair will regrow spontaneously in some forms of hair loss. Other forms can be treated successfully by a dermatologist. So please consult a dermatologist in your area.


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