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How to manage gout?

Q: I am 24 yrs male patient of gout .The first attack occured about 5 yrs back. After that, I suffer from sporadic, irregular gouty attacks that generally occur at night. Only one of right or left great toe is affected at a time. The joint gets warm, inflammed, red and I get crushing pain which does not allow me to walk or hang my legs or keep them in a vertical position. I was under medication and have taken Zyloric 100 B.D. But the problem with Zyloric is that my digestive system gets affected after a few days and so I discontinue it. But I maintain a protein-restricted diet as much as possible . I get relief by applying ice at the spot. Recently I am observing a pain in the lamina of my right foot. I dont have any pain elsewhere. About two months ago my pathological test recorded a serum uric acid level 11.0 mg/100 ml (which is also the highest recorded). It would be helpful if you can give me an ultimate solution.

A:Benzbromerone is a new drug available in some of the advanced countries in the West which is a substitute for allopurinol. It is still NOT available in India. Therefore, I cannot help you in obtaining it in India, you may have to get it from abroad. I feel that you must see a rheumatologist who can give up-to-date advice of managing gout in the long run.


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