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How to manage Gilberts syndrome?

Q: I was diagnosed with Gilberts syndrome 5 years ago, after having jaundice. I have a weak body and I cannot undertake physically stressful activities. But my biggest problem is that, if I don't take food within a few minutes of feeling hungry, I become extremely weak for the next few days. I begin to feel hungry after 2 hours of taking food, even if I eat well. Please advise me how can I control this excessive hunger and inability to withstand hunger even for a few minutes. It is affecting me greatly both professionally and personally.

A:Your symptoms should not be produced by Gilberts syndrome which only results in a mild elevation of serum bilirubin levels and patients are generally free of any other problems. I suggest you should have a lab test at the time you feel very hungry to determine your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar is very low you should get yourself checked by an Endocrinologist.


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