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How to manage gall bladder polyps?

Q: I have been diagnosed with gall bladder polyps. I sometimes get pain on the right upper abdomen and also right upper back side which is not related to intake of food. My gastroenterologist feels that these pains are skeletal / muscular in nature and not related to gall bladder. He also feels that a surgery is not absolutely essential. One gastroenterologist has recommended an MRCP scan. Will an MRCP scan (MRI) give more information about gall bladder polyps than an ultrasound scan?

A:If they are really tiny, then they can be left alone. The worry with gallbladder polyps is that they may be cancerous and this is very likely if greater than 1 cm in size. If I were you I would have it removed laparoscopically. A good US is better for polyps than an MRCP.


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