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How to manage fever and cold in my child?

Q: My 3 and a half year old daughter is running fever which goes till 39.6 degree C since last 5 days. She also has cough and running nose. Her x-ray, blood and urine tests are normal. After taking paracetamol or suppository, fever returns to normal. She is taking azithromycin - once a day and zinnat(cefuroxime axetil) - twice a day, as antibiotics. What could be the reason for persistent fever? Last month she had conjunctivitis in her left eye and it lasted for 2 days after taking topical solution. 15 days back she had viral fever but it lasted for two days and was not as high as it is now. She had completed the course of antibiotics then. We are very worried for her, please advice us accordingly.

A:This could still be a viral fever which should settle in a day or so, if it does not, then you should see your paediatrician and get her examined and investigated for prolonged fever like typhoid and others. It is not unusual to have repeated viral fevers during this time of the year.


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