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How to manage excessive wax formation in my ear?

Q: My ear gets blocked with wax once in six months and I get it syringed by my ENT doctor. He says that the problem is because of the sticky wax which I get in my ears and he has asked me to top up my ears with coconut oil every weekend and get it cleared or if it worsens I should use soliwax. I want to know if this is fine and whether using a syringe once in six months will have any after effects? Is there any other remedy for this?

A:Some people tend to form a lot of wax. The reason is not known, sometimes it is only in one ear. If using oil (olive oil or whatever) once a week, does not help, please do not push the hard wax inside with a bud. You need to see an ENT every 6-12 months after using soliwax, or alternatives, and let the doctor syringe / suck out the wax.


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