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How to manage ear problems and sinusitis?

Q: I am 21 years old male. My problem started with a cold. I dont usually get cold often but when I do, it persists for a month. Initially I get a sore throat followed by running nose, cough and congestion which ultimately causes fullness and a blocked feeling in the ear. I suffered from this recently and had to take antibiotics. During treatment my cold and cough had subsided but I used to feel giddy and heavy-headed in the morning and the ears were not normal. After a week I saw an ENT specialist who said that the mucuous had entered the ear and prescribed a decongestant and nose drops (Nasivion). He also said that I had a deviated nasal septum. After taking the medicines the giddiness and heavy-headedness has but my ears are not ok. Every morning when I wake up and swallow my saliva, I hear a tick sound in my left ear (sometimes the ear pops). This happens only when I swallow something and not on chewing. My ear does not feel normal though there is no loss of hearing. This continues during the daytime and gradually subsides. Two weeks later the ENT doctor has given me Lorafast-D, chewable vitamin C tablets and asked me to continue with the nose drops. He said my left ear drum was a little gloomy compared to right and he again stressed on correcting my deviated septum. I have never had any problems with breathing or snoring. Previously when I used to get a cold and my ears were plugged, inhalation used to clear it out completely. I dont know why it hasnt worked this time and from what I know the eustachian tubes join at the back of the throat, so any excess mucuos should drain through the throat. So will correction of deviated septum help? I alsohave a problem of a weak voice and even though I am 21, I dont sound all that masculine. Will the correction of deviated septum have effect on my voice? I have heard only 2% of DNS cases need surgery. Should I really go for it or leave it to time to clear my ears? Can ear wax cause these problems?

A:You require investigation to determine the state of your sinuses. The ear problems are all related to the nose. Once the nose is treated your ears will be fine. The popping sounds are due to eustacian tube dysfunction. In case of sinusitis, you will need correction of your septum and sinuses together, only then will you get relief. Regarding your voice, it is impossible for me to give you any opinion without seeing you myself.


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