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How to manage dust allergy?

Q: This is regarding my 12 year old son who is having frequent increase in eosinophil count. Every three months it rises to between 13-20%. The effect is in the form of coughing (like spasm)] though there is no cold and his chest is clear. A few doctors have been consulted but they are not sure of the cause but opine that it is dust allergy and he should refrain from playing his usual tennis. Please advise how this can be avoided. I have a German shepherd dog at home and my son is very fond of it. Somebody told my wife to get rid of the dog. Neither my wife or I smoke. Please advise.

A:Children are rarely allergic to dog fur, so it is not necessary to get rid of the German shepherd. The dog should be brushed regularly. To combat the dust allergy and the resultant eosinophilia, please try and vacuum the house regularly, wet mop the house once daily, avoid stuffed toys and carpets in the room. Avoid feather pillows and use an air purifier in the bedroom where the child sleeps. Wash the curtains once in three months and do not store old books and magazines in the bedroom. Also, no trunks under the bed and avoid carved furniture which accumulates dust.


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