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How to manage children not wanting to go to school?

Q: My son, who is six years old and studying in Class I, is having a peculiar sort of problem. Whenever he feels like not going to the school or tuitions he suddenly starts getting stomach aches. We used to feel that he was only trying to pretend so that he can avoid going to school. The thing that has got us worried is the fact that once he gets stomach ache he also passes stools. This has sort of become a habit with him. We feel that he is doing this due to tension. Please guide me about what we should do in solving this problem.

A:You are right in thinking that your six year old son is feeling stressed and anxious about going to school. Find out what happens in school, whether his teacher is harsh or children tease him. Perhaps, they teach too much and expect too much from the children. After you have studied the situation, if you cant make any changes, you might want to change his school. But that is only after due consideration. It is also necessary for you to talk to your son and to listen to him patiently with understanding and sympathy. Surely the problem will be solved. But why a tuition at this age? Cancel that, if you can. Let him play with others, read stories, sing songs and so on. There is plenty of time for him to learn. You should not let this situation continue. He feels it a real burden to go to school. The mother should take more time off from other work, to spend with him. Talk to a kind and experienced aunt or neighbour for more advice.


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