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How to manage breast cancer?

Q: I would like to ask about my mothers case. She is suffering from breast cancer and first surgery has been done on her 10 months ago on right breast and she has got all treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, whatever supposed to do after surgery and she has passed under every treatment. Now before 2 months ago she realised a lump in her left breast and she went to doctor again and doctor said its a starting same problem again and one more surgery has been done on left breast. But now I need your advice that which treatment she has supposed to get now onwards. I am really worrying about her now so please suggest me proper treatment for her.

A:Women with breast cancer on one side have a higher chance of getting a new cancer in the opposite breast. From your description I think this is what has happened in your mothers case. If this is indeed so, then she should have a second full operation and if necessary also radiotherapy on the left breast, but perhaps not the chemotherapy again. But your doctor will be the best judge for this.


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