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How to manage an irritating uvula?

Q: I have a problem with the uvula. It gets elongated occasionally and touches the tongue causing irritation. I consulted ENT specialists and after examination they said it was either inflammation or allergy. But it comes quite often. I take BP tablets, and diabetic tablet - Gemur, one each, everyday. Kindly let me know if these have reaction or else what I should do in this matter?

A:Symptomatic elongated uvula is quite irritating. It does occur quite frequently in diabetics, hypertensives, allergic patients, asthmatics, thyroid patients and those who are allergic to drugs. It can also occur as a part of an infection of the tonsils. All these are easy to diagnose and to treat. The single most common cause is the person who snores or who clears his throat by constant hawking. I would like to know if you snore, or you are overweight. The treatment of a symptomatic uvula is simple. If it is not causing any problem, them simply relax.


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