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How to manage a leaking heart valve?

Q: I am 36 years old and have a problem with my heart valves 2 of which have a mild leak. Last year I went for treatment and doctors said I should not worry too much as nothing will happen to me for 20 to 25 years. They didn't give me any medicines except some capsule to keep the BP low. They also told me that I am physically, mentally and sexually normal. They also asked me not to take alchohol, tea and coffee and I was tested for cholesterol and other parameters which were all found to be normal. But Doctor I want to ask you a few things for my satisfaction:-1) I have a gas problem which affects me a lot in my chest (heart) area sometimes; 2) Whenever I sneeze, my heart rate goes up; 3) Whenever I have a neck problem due to a pillow, that also affects me in my heart area; 4) Sometimes I feel a little pain some seconds in my heart. Please advise me reagrding these problems and also some information on heart valve problems. Thank you very much in advance.

A:Obviously the leakages in your valves are mild and not affecting the functioning of the heart. However, a yearly echocardiographic evaluation is necessary. In addition, you should report to your doctor in case of fever of more than a few days duration or symptoms like new onset shortness of breath etc. The symptoms described by you seem unrelated. Mild leakages of the valve are compatible with a normal life but a periodic assesment by your doctor is essential.


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