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How to manage a child suffering from cold?

Q: My son is 6 months old with good weight and health. Since 2 days he is suffering from cold. We have massaged with vicks. During day he is ok. In night he is frequently waking and crying. We want to know what is the problem. Also please let me know it is safe to give milk with Nipple. I have been told by my parents that it is not good and not give it as it will create problem to child. For cold should we go to Doctor or not?

A:Cold gets worst at night for during day child can breath from mouth and secretions in throat are swallowed. During night in lying down position any discharge in nose or throat accumulates making child uncomfortable, cough may also get worst at night, leading to irritability in child and crying. In addition to the massage you are giving, he needs some treatment to clear nose of secretions and some syrup, like phenergan, etc . You should see a doctor if problem lasts more than 3 days, he does not feed well or has fever. You can put nasoclear nose drops 2-3 times /day, and also consult the doctor if symptoms persist. Bottle feed should not be given; it is harmful. You can try cup or spoon feed.


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