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How to make a 6 year old concentrate on studies?

Q: I have a daughter who is 6 years old. Although she tops in her exams regularly, I feel that lately she has developed a problem in concentrating while studying. She loves to watch Cartoon Network and can watch cartoons for hours together without getting tired or going to sleep even at night. While studying, she will start talking about a cartoon character all of a sudden and try to discuss it. We have to scold her to quieten her and ask her to concentrate on her studies. Please suggest a way out.

A:I find it difficult to connect the age of six, with the term examinations and topping the class. At this age schools should be more relaxed about evaluating the progress of children. But I guess, as parents, you have very little choice in such matters. But where you do have control is in the number of hours of TV watching for your daughter. Please learn to restrict the time she spends watching even Cartoon Network. The other channels which adults watch are eminently unsuitable, except National Geographic and Animal Planet and possibly SPLASH. Gently, cut down the time for TV. While stimulation is good, over-stimulation is not! You must substitute TV time with playing with friends, drawing, clay work etc. Story telling by the parents and singing and dancing offer the child a hundred times more joy than the passive occupation of looking at the TV screen. Even her studying and homework can be made more enjoyable, if you are there with her, chatting and joking while she finishes it. Children love to learn, but adults tend to make learning sound a burden and a duty. Parenting requires time and imagination, as well as a sense of humour. Do make it interesting for yourselves and for the child.


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