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How to know if my baby has a head injury?

Q: Last night I was carrying my 15 month old baby in my arms. I slipped on the wet mosaic floor and fell forward, the baby fell on the floor and I fell on top of him suffocating him for a moment. The back of his head hit the floor from about a height of 4 feet. He started screaming and we calmed him down after awhile. I cannot see any external injury on his head. Only his shoulder was a bit reddish last night, now its ok. He behaved normally today and there is no visible swelling/lumps. I want to know if there is any likelihood of any internal injury to his brain and how to find out?

A:If your baby was not unconscious or dazed after the fall, if there was no vomiting, seizure, or abnormal behaviour; it is extremely unlikely that any injury has ocurred. However get a doctor to take a look also as you might have overlooked symptoms.


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