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How to increase the height & weight of children?

Q: My son is 10 years, 5 months old. His height is 4 feet, 3 inches and he weighs 25 kgs. We are vegetarians. Can you suggest the right exercises and food to increase his height and weight.

A:This is the age to monitor the growth of the child, but erratic food habits and academic pressures do take a toll on the child's health. 1. Specific exercises would include:

  1. Warming up exercises - Loose joint movements for 5 to 10 minutes
  2. Light jogging for 10 minutes
  3. General flexibility exercises for about 15 minutes
  4. Cooling down exercises for 5 minutes
Till the age of 14, the child should not do any exercises that require lifting of weights. 2. If the child is involved in any sport, then two sessions per week (45 to 50 minutes) are enough. Usually, activities like swimming (twice a week) is a good exercise. Cycling and badminton (20 to 25 minutes) thrice a week should give the adequate physical activity required for a child and also not allow the child to get tired of the routine exercises. 3. Nutrition for the child would vary according to the taste and habits. Usually, 2200 to 2400 Kcals would be required. A balanced diet for your child (as per requirements): Cereals - 560 gm Pulses - 100 gm Green leafy vegetables - 100 gm Other vegetables - 75 gm Fruits - 80 gm Milk - 510 gm Sugar and jaggery - 100 gm Fats and oils - 50 gm Early morning: 2 glasses of warm water, 2 almonds Breakfast: 1 glass of milk, 2 plain dosas with chutney, 1 bowl of cereal, Mid-meal: A glass of juice, any fruit, sandwich, Lunch and dinner: Rice, dal, chapattis, curd, two vegetables, one cereal, Late night: One milk shake. It is important to have 50 gm soya everyday.


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