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How to help a child overcome exam phobia?

Q: My daughter seems to have a phobia for exams, and though I am not a parent who pushes, the schools generalize children and that creates a problem. Why is this problem there and how can she can overcome it? Secondly, she finds Maths totally impossible is repeating her grade due to that. I wish there was an alternative way to educate as this education system kills sensitivty and also causes an inferiority complex. I dont know what modern education is targeting at? As a child I had a different experience as my schooling was abroad. It was very sensible not being burdened like a 'kuli' and still allowing the individual personality to develop. Schools here are hypocritical about counselling or showing concern for students and seem more like a big business of churning out students. Pease advise me on this and how can I help her?

A:I agree with you that some schools have become a business. I am sorry that your daughter finds it difficult to cope with the subjects, especially, Maths. From your letter, I am not able to make out the age of your child or the place you live in. Moving her to a less demanding school would be an option if you lived in a large town. If the parents can spend time with her, helping with the homework, she might feel better. If she is past the level of 8th or 9th Standard, Open School is a possibility. You will have to contact their office in New Delhi to register her. She can take a few exams at a time in the Open School system. But she still would like to be in a school, I am sure. So you must find a place that does not force her to achieve, but will be of help as she learns. Also find out if the medium of instruction is a problem. Is she otherwise a happy child? Does she have friends? Is there an older child in the neighbourhood, who can spend a little time with her, helping with her school work? Think of the choices and select what is most suitable. There is hope.


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