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How to help a 11 year old lose weight?

Q: Is paneer fattening or good when one is on a weight control program? I have an 11 years old daughter who is not losing weight inspite of a reasonably good exercise program. Can you kindly suggest some meal which even the child would find interesting?

A:Yes, Paneer is definitely fattening when on a weight loss programme and should be avoided. However, you can substitute it with Soya Paneer (also known as Tofu) as 25 gm protein per day is absolutely essential and good for your health. For your 11 yr old daughter, I need to know whether she has a sweet tooth, her food preferences like sweet, spicy, etc., her dietary habits and schedule, her medical history, her favourite foods, etc. Kindly fill in the details in the consultation form attached herewith. After you send in the details, I will be able to prepare a more personalised meal programme to suit the taste buds of your daughter.


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