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How to handle worm infestation in a child?

Q: I have a 21 months old baby, weighing 9.5 kgs. Recently, his weight went down (3-4 moth back it was 11.5 Kgs) inspite of proper feeding. When I took him to a child specialist, he said there was nothing to worry. Three days back, while vomiting, we found two worms, length around 20-25 cms, in the vomit. We took him to the doctor where he was given anti parasite medicine Zentel. As per the doctor's advice we gave our son a single dose of 2.5 ml. After that, one big worm length around 25-30 cms long came out through vomit. This morning we also found 2 worms, length around 10-15 cms, in the stools. I spoke to my doctor and narrated the entire episode. He said there was nothing to get worried about and gave another dose after a month. Is everything fine with my son or should we contact some other doctor? I have never seen such a big worm coming out through vomit. If possible also advise me some medicines. Is it ok to give the above mentioned medicine within a week or should I give another dose after a month as the same has been advised by the doctor?

A:Worm infestation is common in children and a heavy infestation can cause weight loss. The treatment given is appropriate and so is the advise to repeat the dose after one month. I would further advise to deworm every family member in the house. this can be done by giving a single dose of zentel 400 mg for all adults and children beyond 2 years of age and syrup zentel 2.5 ml in children under 2 years. Make sure to deworm any household servants/ other food handlers as well. Ensure that nails are kept clipped, hands washed before food preparation and eating by everyone concerned and raw vegetables and fruits thoroughly washed before consumption. Give your child wholesome home based normal food and take weight after 3 months or so again.


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