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How to handle mental tension which is affecting my studies?

Q: I am 16 yrs old and studying in 11th standard. Since class VII I have a problem which keeps affecting me periodically. As I am doing well academically, my parents think there is no problem but now I am unable to handle it as it is affecting my studies. The problem is that I seem to have developed some kind of a sixth sense in my mind which makes me think of stupid things which are unexplainable. I havent even told my parents of this. I know I am practical, responsible and smart but this problem keeps haunting me all the time which affects my coversation and personality but mainly my studies. I had counselling some months with a psychiatrist but the results were not good. Some times I even get suicidal thoughts. Please help.

A:My dear young friend. There is love and friendship available in the world around us, if only we reach out for it. Have courage and face your problems, which may not be as serious as you think. Many people of your age tend to be a little confused, because they are treated as children at times and as adults, at other times. Boys and girls of your age also sometimes want to be given the unqualified attention and care that children get and at othet times, be able to manage their own lives. This confusion is NORMAL and should not make you feel suicidal. Life is worth living. Very definitely! At no time should you consider any other alternative to that. I would advise you strongly to talk to your parents about what troubles you. They have also been young once and will surely understand you. Or talk to atleast one of them. If you have an uncle, grandfather, aunt or grandmother, teacher or good neighbour, whom you feel you can trust, PLEASE talk to them immediately and explain what you feel. I am not clear about what you mean when you refer to sixth sense and stupid things. If they are sexual thoughts, it is very, very normal to have them. All boys do, at this age. Many of us think that our problem is unique. However, talking about it will make you realize that it is common to most people. Please do not dismiss your feelings as unimportant. The fact that you have held something back from your parents fo almost four years, shows that you do not want to upset them. It is indeed considerate of you. But think: how much more they will be upset, if they find that you did not share your feelings with them? Find somebody in the family or your close circle to help you. Write to me again, if you want more help. Or ask your family to find a suitable Counsellor or Psychiatrist, to help you over this stage. I am sure you will be quite OK. Do not try to handle it alone, but with the help of affectionate adults in your setting. There is a saying 'No man is an island'. This means that we are all connected and one should not feel alone or isolated from everyone else.


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