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How to handle developmental problems in a child?

Q: I am a regular visiter of your webside especially the doctorndtv.com. This website guides well and gives useful information. My question is about the development of my daughter whose date of birth is 28/05/02. Her birth weight was 2.8 kgs and now, when she is almost 4 months, she is 5.8 kgs. My first question is that whenever my daughter is sleeping, the temperature of her hands and feet is less than that when she is playing while her body temperature is normal. While she sleeps she has normal temperature of her hands and feet. I am not able to understand this and want know if this is normal or a matter of concern. My second question is that my daughter can turn on her stomach, can hold her neck and some times she can turn on her back too. But she does not lie down on the bed and wants to sit whether we are sitting or moving. She just wants to be held up. Can this do any harm to her back bone? After consulting a doctor (child specialist) I have started giving her Moong Dal water. What I want is that what should be the amount and frequency? Presently she is taking breast feeds and bottle milk. Milk from my wife's feed is very thin or rather not viscous. What can we do to rectify this?

A:To answer your questions: 1. Your daughter has gained enough weight at the age of 4 months. Your baby's weight is perfectly adequate. 2. While awake and asleep, the temperature of the hands and feet can vary. It is not a cause for concern and is normal. 3. Sitting with adequate and correct back support cannot do any harm to the back bone. This is not a cause for concern. 4. If you are giving Moong Daal water, then gradually make it less watery. Give as much as the baby will accept willingly, at one feed. After the age of 5 months, more than one solid feed or semi-solid feed can be tried. A variety of foods can be introduced slowly, like - mashed fruit (banana or stewed apple), rice phirnee or kheer or suji kheer.


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