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How to handle behavioural problems in a child?

Q: My son is five years old and is studying in prep. Last week his teacher called my wife and said that whenever he makes a small mistake he cries heavily for committing that mistake. Usually he gets very good marks and is excellent in his home work and class work. He is a naughty guy at home. He is our only son so we give him a lot of freedom but his mother shouts at him whenever she loses her patience. What type of home environment should we give him to over come this. Otherwise he understands things quickly and has got a good memory. Please advise.

A:Your son seems to be a very active and intelligent child. He does seem to be over-sensitive and approval-hungry perhaps because he is an only child. Another reason for his sensitivity could be his mother's anger when he is naughty. He, therefore, may be afraid and cries a lot when reprimanded. Reasoning together with firmness and consistency are very important aspects in successful discipline. Encourage independent behaviour in your child, and do not soften easily with his tears. It is also advisable to show a good example to the child by remaining calm and not screaming. In case his naughty behaviour seems out of control consult a psychologist.


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