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How to handle a child who cannot converse properly?

Q: I have a 4 year 1 month old son. He is currently going to Amity International School. He is still not able to converse meaningfully. He does not formulate complete sentences. He knows a lot of words but does not put them in order properly to formulate a sentence. He is otherwise toilet trained and does these activities on his own, can wear sandals, shorts on his own. He remembers rhymes, songs very well though not very clearly. He is very musical. He likes playing with other children. Since he is small, playing with other children does not require much of communication. We are continuously talking to him, also aiding him with complete short sentences when he expresses his views. He is not interested in writing or colouring. He does not recognise colours but is able to differentiate them when asked to make piles of different colours. He holds the pencil well. What should we do now? Please advise on how to tackle his speech problem, recognition of colours and to make him sit stable to write or colour?

A:From the details you have provided about your sons delayed speech and language development, I would first suggest a developmental norms test where we will know his current developmental age as compared with other children his age. Ideally, he should be evaluated by a team of occupational, speech and physiotherapists along with the other medical tests. Where are you located? Maybe I can suggest the right place for you to take him to.


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