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How to deal with speech disorder in hyperactive children?

Q: My nephew, 4 years old, is unable to speak though can hear everything. If we call him from another room, he will come. If we tell him to switch off the TV, he will do so. He only says ‘Ma’. Occasionally, he says words like Babu, Baba, etc. If we ask him to say ‘Baba’ or ‘Mama’ then he does not respond. He shouts and is quite restless. As per the doctor, he is hyperactive. He takes about a litre of milk at night before sleeping. Without milk, he does not sleep. He likes to eat a lot. Kindly give your valuable opinion. Will he speak?

A:Often children with hyperactivity end up with inadequate speech and language as they don't pay adequate attention and also from the parents' side much of the time is devoted in tackling them hence the lag comes. If it is only child's hyperactivity and not anything else then it needs to be brought down by either medication or behaviour modification (whichever applicable), and also he needs to be given language stimulation simultaneously. According to me they should first get a detailed assessment done to know the possible cause/s for the delay and then accordingly start with the intervention programme.


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