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How to deal with my child?

Q: My son is 3.7 years old. He has started going to nursery school. He knows how to read the alphabet, and count numbers from 1 to 50. He is very active, but my problem is that if I allow him to play the whole day, he will play without eating anything. I scold him at home, and he listens to me only when I raise my voice, but he does the same at school. This has now become a regular feature. It is embarrassing when we go out. Sometimes, my husband and I beat him. These days I am staying with my brother-in-law who has a 2.4 years old girl. She is very quiet, and my son is just her opposite. How do I handle this situation?

A:Children are very different from one another. You cannot possibly compare a 3-year-old boy with a 2-year-old girl. They are at different developmental levels. Also, their temperaments could be very different. Let each of them be who they are. You are lucky to have an active child. Playing is the method by which children learn about the world around them. A playful child is healthy and happy. I cannot see any reason for you to beat him. Please be more understanding of his needs and abilities. Give him lots of activities, games and toys. Let him make friends with other children. Take him out to homes and places where they understand the nature of children and are supportive.


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