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How to deal with a stubborn and short tempered child?

Q: My 3 year old son is very stubborn and short tempered. He keeps on crying for most of the time for wanting to possess whatever he puts his sight on and / or when he is playing with other kids the problem is his constant and loud crying irritates everyone. And I fear that whether his behaviour will affect his brain in any way. Few days ago he was complaining of pain on the back side of his head. Subsequently we took him to a child specialist who opined that he was O.K. We have got the feedback that he does this only when we i.e. mom and dad are with him. We really don't know how to manage him. Please advise.

A:You must consult a psychologist directly as it seems that your son is acquiring certain undesirable behaviour syndromes though only in your presence. You must also introspect whether as parents - a) You are not giving him enough attention which he seems to get through his stubborn and crying behaviour? b) You are providing wrong examples through your own behaviour, such as excessive scolding or screaming? c) You are giving him a signal that he will get something only when he insists or cries or shows illness behaviour? Make changes in your own reactions - try to ignore the stubborn crying or pain complaints if they are unfounded. On the other hand ensure that you are giving him enough attention and love especially when he is showing desirable behaviour.


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