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How to deal with a child who is shy and reserved?

Q: I have a 2 year and 3 month old daughter. Her name is Gauri. She is the best thing happened in my life. The problem with her is she does not socialize with people. She does all the child play, she is very active, eats what ever she wants as a normal child. But when she sees a third person except for our few family members she is quiet. due to her this behaviour i started sending her to play school when she was 23 months. there too she sits and talks only with one particular teacher and just 1 / 2 children. i take her regularly to the garden right from when she was small, but than too she plays by herself. not with any other children of her age. she does not interact with my neighbours whom she is seeing since her birth. she does not even bother to give a smile to some people. she speaks a lot, says may poems, identifies objects like fruits, animals,vegetables, listens to music, sing songs herself. my self and my husband are employed. my parents look after her. i am very talktive and mingle with people very easily but my husband is very reserved and talks only to the point. my husband spends very little time with her, therefore where ever i go i take her. after she is born i do not remeber of going any where without her. will her behaviour change. she has a good pediatric doctor who knows about her since her birth. he often tells me there are children with such behaviour you need not worry.please let me know if her behaviour towards others will change . if there are any methods that i can make her change.

A:Your detailed description of Gauri's activities has convinced me that she has no problem at all. At two years of age, she seems to have achieved quite a number of things. First and foremost, stop worrying! She is ahead of her age. Since you say that your husband is quiet by nature, it is quite likely that Gauri has inherited his traits. Some children are more outgoing, others, reserved and shy. Let them develop in their own way. I have seen children who are shy in their preschool years change when they get older. There is nothing specific that you must do now. Just make sure your daughter is happy. Let her talk about her experiences with her parents. Others in the neighbourhood will be included at a later stage. Your daughter seems more selective in her choices than some others of her age. It is the differences among people that make them interesting!


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