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How to control cholesterol levels in the blood?

Q: I have been diagnosed to have reactive hypoglycemia , this was the out come of OGTT and measuring of insulin levels - the treatment advised is only diet - no medicines - the problem is I also have increased cholesterol levels - the statins prescribed for the treatment are creating sleeplessness nervousness etc. I would like to know an alternative medicine for this - or, if the rhg comes under control whether the cholestrol problem also would come under control? - the advise is to take a high protein diet? what would be a high protein indian vegetarian diet?

A:Sleeplessness and nervousnaess is not associated with statins generally. You may change the compound. There are at least 4 different statins available in our country. Your treating physician could prescribe you an alternative statin. Reactive hypergycemia control will not obviate the need of treatment forhyperlipidemia. However periodic evaluation of lipids will help. To know ifthe need of drug is coming down. Pulses, lentils, paneer made out of toned milk, soya been products are some of the vegetarian products you are looking for.


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