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How to control allergy due to preservatives?

Q: My daughter is 6 years and 5 months old. She has some allergy problem because of which she cannot eat anything that contains preservatives, and if she does, she gets an allergic cold and chest congestion for about 2 weeks, which has to be treated by a cold medication, bronchodilator, and an anti-allergic. Two weeks ago, she suffered from the same issue. The cold has gone but the cough continues. The cough is very minimal (she coughs may be 3-4 times in a day) and it is not a hollow cough, but it is 2 weeks already. Can I use any inhaler as a one-time treatment (Aerocort Inhaler) to relieve her from the cough? Will she get addicted to it? As of now I have not seen any signs of bronchitis or asthma in her although she does have a family history of wheezing.

A:Breathing problems triggered by the preservative metabisulphite may indicate bronchial airway hypersensitivity, or an asthmatic tendency. Salbutamol or equivalent bronchodilator inhaler use is appropriate and safe for as long as needed treatment. It is not addictive nor is the other type of inhaler, which may be appropriate if the bronchodilator is being used daily or more often, namely inhaled steroid such as beclomethasone or fluticasone. Other food preservatives rarely cause breathing problems.


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