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How to combat recurrent throat infection and earache?

Q: My daughter now 10 years old. She is getting recurrent throat infections. Along with throat infection, she gets ear pain. When I consulted the doctor he told me that her tonsils have swollen and the ear was filled with wax. He gave her some eardrops to soften the wax and cefadrox DT antibiotic. After using the antibiotics the infection has gone, but again after 10 days the same problem came. This was happened for three to four times. There is no problem when using the tablets, but after stopping the medicine, the problem is coming. Is there any necessary to do tonsil operation or any other way to over come this problem?

A:Your daughter needs a throat swab to find out the cause of this recurrent throat infection. There are some good bacteria and some bad ones for the throat. If the bacteria are bad one and there are only 1-2 attacks in one year, then removal of tonsil is mandatory. If the bacteria is good and the attacks are more than 4-5 times a year, then also removal of tonsils is a good option. Regarding pain in ear, wax could be a cause and also there is pain in ear in throat infection also, recurrent pain in ear following throat infection is normal but not alarming. Remember, you need to ask yourself and your doctor, whether you need to give antibiotics to your daughter all the time or just take a surgical option.


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