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How to clear my throat which is blocked with phlegm?

Q: I am 60 years old. I am recovering from a severe cold. My throat and mouth become dry at midnight and there appears to be a blockage in the throat, which is not easy to clear. I have a sensation that a bit of phlegm is blocking my throat. I am unable to sleep due to this. After a couple of hours of trying, the throat clears and a bit of phlegm is coughed out. The colour of this phlegm is clear; though earlier it was dark and yellow. Please suggest a drug for the same.

A:You probably have some inflammation in the throat (laryngopharyngitis) secondary to the cold. If your nose is blocked resulting in mouth breathing, this would increase the throat dryness. If you have any symptoms of stomach reflux (acidity, sour fluid in the mouth, burps etc), this may also contribute to your symptoms. Take plenty of water and avoid the action of throat clearing as this may just increase the feeling of a blocked throat. You may need some simple decongestant medication. In case of stomach reflux, anti reflux medication may also be required.


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