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How to bring out children from a traumatic experience?

Q: Few of the children in my neighbourhood were abused by a man with abnormal sexual desires. He was identified, and children were isolated from the trap, and the man was taken to task and sent for medical help. All these children are boys in the age group of 7 to 12 years. None of the children underwent the experience more than once. None of them were physically assaulted. But all of them were made to see either blue films or see the man masturbating. This incident had been occurring for the past few months (6-8 months). Apparently, the children do not show any fear or sense of acute guilt at present. They are trying to forget or perhaps many have forgotten the incident by now. However, the parents of these children are worried about the situation and wish to take the children out of the possible guilt feeling and related issues, which the children are going through or may go through at a later stage. These parents belong to urban middle class income group. What is the best remedial action these parents should adopt to ensure their children are out of this traumatic experience? Are there any agencies that can provide help in this regard?

A:From the description, it seems that the boys were not assaulted or handled physically. That is a relief. The parents can talk to their sons openly and explain that the man was not normal and should not be imitated. It may be best to drop the matter and not treat it as a trauma. If you are in a big city, you will have access to psychologists, who can talk to the children and parents.


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