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How to bring blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels under control?

Q: My blood urea nitrogen (BUN) was recorded as 22, blood sugar fasting is 116, cholesterol total - 208, LDL - 140, HDL - 47, Triglyceride - 118, VLDL - 24. How should I control the BUN?

A:BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is a test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen which is a breakdown product of protein metabolism. It is a routine test used primarily to evaluate kidney function and is often performed on patients with many different diseases. Urea is formed in the liver as the end product of protein metabolism, then enters blood and is ultimately eliminated in the urine by the kidneys. Most kidney diseases affect urea excretion so that BUN levels increase in the blood. It may also increase in dehydration or bleeding into the stomach and/or intestines or as a side effect of some medications. Raised levels may also be seen in heart failure, starvation, any state causing hypovolemia, urinary tract obstruction, etc. Your BUN is borderline and requires reconfirmation, along with Serum Creatinine test, and a physical examination by a doctor who can then correlate the test reports with your biochemical profile.


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