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How soon can I exercise after pyeloplasty?

Q: I underwent pyeloplasty 4 months ago for PUJ obstruction. I am obese and wanted to join the gym. Is there any risk of exercising after this surgery? Can I walk on the treadmill and do cycling? For how many hours can I exercise? After three months I started going to the gym. I often get pain in the scar that’s why I am scared. For three months I took complete rest after the operation. Please advise.

A:Well as far as the main operation is concerned you could do any thing or even more than what you did before operation. As regards to your scar, I believe it was done through an open surgery. In that case you should be careful of developing a weakness of the scar (incisional hernia). Though 3-4 months after surgery nothing should happen but consult a physiotherapist and he will tell you which exercises you should not do. But you must exercise to strengthen your muscles and burn your fat.


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