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How should we tackle our child's misbehaviour?

Q: My son is 3 years old. Since I am working, he is in a day boarding. Earlier he used to be with our maid for the whole day. My son has a habit of spitting at everybody and he beats up people around him when we don't allow him to do what he wants to. Our maid used to call boys at home in our absence. So, sometimes my son follows their actions. We feel very shameful and are very tense about him. As per his teacher, he is well behaved and an affectionate child. When we hit him, he cries like anything. Please suggest what should we do and how should we tackle him?

A:It is evident that your son is not getting enough positive parental attention. He has also been exposed to negative behaviours of the maid and her male friends. The fact that he is well-behaved at school shows clearly that he is not getting warmth and appreciation at home. Please ensure the following: a) Do not use physical punishment as it generally has an undesirable impact. b) Give him exclusive time, love and encouragement for his desirable behaviour. c) Provide good parental models yourselves. d) Try to divert his attention when he is about to spit or hit someone. Tell him firmly that such behaviour is not allowed. e) If possible, enlist support of grandparents to provide him with a sense of security and supervision.


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