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How should we make our son overcome his fear?

Q: I have a 3 years old son. He has just completed his playschool and has shifted to kindergarten. We are very happy that he loves to go school and is very eager to play with other children in the school. But last week when there were thunder and lightening followed by heavy rain, he got frightened and things have changed from then. He is so scared that he is not willing to go to school now and is very scared of clouds and rains. Whenever it starts raining he tells us to close the doors and windows. How should we make our son get over this fear?

A:Thunder and lightning can be frightening to a child. You should assure him that he will not be hurt by it If you are cheerful and talk normally, he will also relax. It may take a little time. Ask the teacher in his school to explain why there is thunder and lightning. All the children will hear about the reason and the issue will become part of the classroom knowledge. If you can find a picture book with pictures of lightning and rain, let him see it often, till he gets over the fear.


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