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How should we handle our son?

Q: I have a 10 years old son. He is our only child. Recently he has started behaving a little funny. He has started becoming mischievous and destructive too. He is naughty is the classroom also. This can be seen from the remarks in his diary and his incomplete work. He deliberately acts funny in the classroom to attract attention. I am unable to handle him. My husband is against shouting or using force at him. My husband was away and now that he has returned, our son has got even worse. I'm very confused. I give him a lot of love and attention and so does my husband. But it seems he has no value for all that. Kindly advise.

A:There is a difference between shouting or using force and being firm. The father seems reluctant to take part in the child's discipline. If a parent is strict, it does not mean that the child's affection or attachment will change. Children often like some clear rules, which are reasonable and consistent. Both parents should have a strategy, on which they agree, to deal with the child. At ten years he can understand what is going on. You must talk to him and ask for explanations on why he is doing badly at school. You must have a meeting with his teachers and ask for their suggestions too. Being mischievous is not a bad thing, provided he does not hurt anybody or destroy things. Instead of thinking of child rearing as a project, treat it as something you enjoy. Bring a light touch to the task and some humour.


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