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How should I tackle a restless and aggressive child?

Q: My son is 5 years old. Though he is very active and loving, but never follows my instructions and is indisciplined. He listens to me only when I speak loudly or beat him. He is restless and aggressive too and goes to sleep only when he drops.

A:Your son is a bright, active and loving child. You are fortunate. Stop for a moment and think what the situation could have been if he was dull and lethargic. There is absolutely no justification for you to beat him. That will only teach him to be aggressive. Children will do what they see their parents doing. You should have developed bedtime and eating routines that do not have to be discussed or negotiated everyday. If he is the type who takes a long time to wind down, start getting the house quiet half an hour before his bedtime. At that time, there should be no TV and no bright lights. Put on some suitable music and stay with him till he falls asleep. Avoid giving him cola drinks and fried snacks from the market. Let him talk to you about his day so that he is relaxed and ready to sleep.


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