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How should I regularise my child's motions?

Q: My 1 1/2 year old kid is getting stools weekly twice only. But his stool is not so hard when he get motion but only thing is every 3/4 days after he is getting motion. Sir, in kids at what stage this problem will appeared. Is it constipation or any other problem? Some times back we used dupharlac and after that his motion is OK. Actually he is getting this problem every 20 days, remaining days in normal. Can you please suggest any medication and tell me what we can do to his regular motion. At present he is taking two times Cerelac in the morning and two times Rice + dal (Dinner & lunch). I am looking forward to your reply.

A:Constipation at this age is common. It has more to do with the kind of diet the child is taking and the toilet training that has been initiated. There is no need to worry. His diet must contain almost everything that you take. Cut down milk and milk products to twice a day. Avoid refined flour (maida) items. Increase the portions of dal, vegetables, fruits. Occasional help with medicines like Dupharlac will keep the stools soft and easy to pass.


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