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How should I prevent recurrence of urinary tract infection?

Q: For the last one month, I have mild urinary tract infection. My doctor after doing a urine routine test found urine is infected and advised me for 10 days Ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day. But even after this, I was not completely alright, so he advised for urine culture and sensitivity analysis test - the following are the results. Organism isolated: E. coli Colony count: 10,000 organisms/ml Sensitivity: Nitrofurantoin - sensitive; Ciprofloxacin - resistant Afterwards I was advised for Nitrofurantoin 100mg 1-0-1 for 7 days and now I am on treatment. But even after taking the medicine for the last 4 days still it is not completely cured. Still I have to take tablets for 4 more days. Even though it is not disturbing me much, I am still worrying about the root cause and other side effects if any. Will I get completely cured only after all the tablets are over (I expect that once I started the course there will be some betterment in a day or two) or should I go for some other test?

A:A lot more information is required before advising you to be long term infection free. Urinary infection is known for its recurrence and the answer is to keep it under control by regular, long term and mild medicines, plenty of fluids, proper genital hygiene and periodic urine culture. Keep in touch with your urologist and he will take care of your problem.


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