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How should I handle my son's short attention span?

Q: I have a strong suspicion that my 10-year-old son has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He is easily distracted and has a very short attention span. Getting him to start a task is very difficult. He is very tardy in turning in assignments or projects. In school, he finds it difficult to sit continuously for long. As a result, all of his notes are incomplete. He is in class VI and I am worried that his learning will become a problem as he goes on to higher classes. He also has difficulty with math and has an aversion to the subject. He is left-handed and has slight dysgraphia. Is there any treatment available for this?

A:Your observation about your ten your old son does seem that he needs special attention, especially with school work. You might wish to consult a Psychologist or School Counsellor, who will suggest methods to be followed. This kind of condition is not usually treated by drugs, but by systematic and detailed response to his learning processes. You should also look at his strong points-- for example, sports, music, painting, being good in relationships. Give him a chance to do well in something and let him build up his confidence. Gradually, everything will fall into place. Consult his teachers too. They would have handled similar children. Being a left hander is in itself not a problem, unless you force him to be right handed. Spend time with him and make it enjoyable for completing home work, because you are there with him and after that you will play together. Patience and firmness are valuable traits to have as well as unquestioning affection. The combination can work miracles!


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