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How should I guide my son?

Q: I need your advice on how to talk to an 8 years old child. My eight years old son has been quite disturbed for the last few days, for one or the other reason. He has low self esteem. He feels he is an average child in studies and very poor in sports. He feels left out among his friends because of these reasons. No one wants him to join for games as he is too slow. The other thing which is disturbing me is that yesterday he told me that his friends (of same class) made fun of him and started showing their private parts to him. He could not understand what it all meant. He asked me what should he do when everyone begins to make fun of him and play dirty tricks like showing private parts. I am really worried and don't know how to guide him on this. Please help.

A:Everyone should be more tolerant of children achieving success at different levels, whether in school lessons or sports. If you can, take your child and see the film Taare Zamin Par which refers to some of these issues. You should also talk to his teachers and let them know what is going on in the school. Sometimes teasing by some children goes out of control. It is right to let the school authorities know and ask their help in handling your child. There is nothing wrong in being average. By definition, most people are average! Some active intervention among the group of children is necessary, but will have to be done tactfully and without making the situation worse for the child. Talk to your child openly and listen to him when he expresses his doubts and fears.


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