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How serious is my kidney problem?

Q: I have got the following readings of my blood report: Blood urea - 33 mg/dl, serum creatinine - 1.8 mg/dl and serum phosphorous - 3.3 mg/dl. I had an angiography and no blocks were found. My abdominal and pelvis ultrasound is normal. My fasting blood sugar level is 91 mg/dl and post-prandial is 82 mg/dl. Actually, I had developed a breathing problem 4 months back. I had to take deep breaths and the doctors said that this is because of raised creatinine levels. I am 40 years old now and have always had a problem of acidity, gas and sometime headaches. Now what is the cure, where can I have a more detailed check up, as my last doctor could not find the actual reason behind the creatinine raise? He asked to do a Doppler and a biopsy test. Can this be cured with homeopathy? How serious is my kidney damage? I have stopped oil/salt/protein foods and reduced about 11 kgs. I now weigh 85 kgs. I sometimes urinate at intervals of 1.5 hours, is it good or bad sign? Please guide me a proper hospital or advise me if I have to do few more tests and which ones?

A:Persistently elevated serum creatinine (at least for more than 3 months) is an indicator of an underlying chronic kidney disease. Based upon your baseline serum creatinine value of 1.7 mg/dl, you have around 45-50% of normal kidney function at your age. It is not possible to retrieve the lost kidney function since the damage is most often irreversible but a lot can be done by practicing measures, to delay the progression of kidney disease. Patients with chronic kidney disease most often don't suffer from any symptoms until a later stage of advanced kidney failure, which doesn't seem to be in your case. While leading a healthy lifestyle is important, the most important measures in your case would include strict blood pressure control (less than 130/80 mmHg) and avoidance of all potential kidney toxic medications (that include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications like Voveran, Brufen and Nimulid, the consumption of which should be avoided especially on a continuous basis). I am not aware of the curative potential of alternative forms of medicine (including homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment) for kidney disease and would infact advise you not to consume any over the counter medications including herbal remedies since some of these are known to be toxic to the kidneys. The frequency of urination usually has no relation to the severity or the cause of underlying kidney disease. You certainly require a thorough evaluation by a nephrologist to ascertain the causes of your kidney disease at a relatively early age of 40. Kidney biopsy aided by a microscopic urine test and a series of serological blood tests would help to arrive at a definite diagnosis, thereby also aiding in further therapeutic intervention.


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